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Generating Ethereum Addresses, Signing and Verifing

Creating an ethereum address is easy. Well at least if you use a tool like - but if you want to use it within your own application (on the client side!) it gets more complicated. You need to run your own node (or use some other provider) to...Read More

Switching to Linux made easy with ZorinOS

As a webdeveloper I wanted to switch from Windows to Linux for a while already for obvious reasons, but one thing was holding me back: My Laptop. I own an HP EliteBook 840 with switchable graphics. And as cool as it sounds, it is hell for Linux. The AMD Graphics...Read More

Stahlstadt ahoi

For this weeks Stahlstadt.js meetup in Linz I prepared a small talk about ServiceWorkers and Push Messaging for the web. Here you can find my slides!...Read More

Unified Push Messaging for Web Applications

In contrast to native applications the web is decentralized and runs on multiple platforms. Bringing programming interfaces from native to the web is therefore not always simple. For the new Push API, which aims to deliver push messages for websites, the problem of how to handle different push services arises....Read More